Franklin Abbott portrait
Franklin Abbott

Thanks for visiting my page. If you are looking for a coach/consultant to help you get started on a creative project, find your lost muse, reboot your novel or your movie, write your first poem or paint your ultimate painting, I hope I can be of assistance. I work in person and online through Skype. I organize individual and group retreats. I open my curiosity and my resource bank for any writer/artist/seeker who would benefit from gentle guidance and encouragement. You tell me what you want and I will help you find your genie . We can structure our work together based on your needs, goals and resources.

“You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club”
-Jack London

You may need a mentor, a guide or a catalyst. We can figure out a plan of action or begin a dialogue. I offer a fifteen minute an introductory meeting online or by phone to see if we are a good fit. Chemistry is essential in creativity and I am happy to make referrals if I feel like I am not right for you and your project. Creativity involves both inspiration and dedication. I am happy to help with both when I can. Both are necessary to bring a project to fruition. It is a happy day when you finish your short story or make your first film. Getting published, having a gallery show, winning a prize are all important. Everyone likes to be recognized for their work. Artists need to make art like human beings need to breathe deeply. Please let me know if I can help you inspire yourself.

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