A collection of my essays are posted here.

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Table of Contents
  1. Murdering the Cow, a Story about Africa
  2. The Unlived Life
  3. Selma’s Amazing Grace (Parts 1,2,3)
  4. Christmas with Strangers
  5. How to Bury Your Hero
  6. How to Solve a Problem Like Maria?
  7. Finding Myself Alone in the Dark
  8. The Life and Death of Cornbread
  9. Indelible Images of India
  10. Notes on the Art of Letting Go
  11. When Giving Up Becomes Letting Go
  12. Double Sorrow: A Meditation on Grief
  13. Ten Year Old Genius
  14. Tibetan shrine on exhibition at Carlos Museum
  15. A morning with the Dalai Lama and an evening with Big Joy
  16. The Mystery of Tariki
  17. So Many Books, So Little Time

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