Interview: Juel D. Lane, dancer at National Black Arts Festival

Juel Demetrius Lane remembers he had a lot of energy growing up. He says, “I was always moving as a child.” As a kinetic kid he was drawn to dance videos newly popular on TV. He was intrigued by the show “Fame” and made legwarmers out of his socks. He was enthralled with the music videos of Michael and Janet Jackson and thought of dance “as a way to be free.”

It was not until high school that he was encouraged to study dance. Lane attended Tri-Cities High School in Atlanta and came under the guidance of Freddie Hendricks, the schools drama teacher and founder of The Youth Ensemble of Atlanta. He says that Hendricks had a way of “looking into your soul and telling you what you are good at, what you destined to do.” Being encouraged to study dance was a revelation to Lane who says he “did not know men were allowed to dance.”

Interview: Juel D. Lane on Atlanta INtown


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