Interview: Franklin Abbott, Man-t0-Man Interviews

Man-to-Man Interviews:: An Interview With Poet Franklin Abbott
August 20, 2011 by 

Franklin Abbott is a radical faery, profeminist activist, and poet. He is also one of the most beloved members of the Atlanta LGBTQ Community, and his work spans several decades. As a pro-feminist he has published three anthologies on men and gender: New Men, New Minds: Breaking Male TraditionBoyhood: Growing up Male, and  Men and Intimacy: Personal Accounts of the Dillemas of Modern Male Sexuality. He also published two books of poetry, Mortal Love and Pink Zinnia, and founded the Atlanta Queer Literary Festival.

Much lesser known about Franklin is that he was in a relationship with the late black gay poet Assotto Saint and had friendships and emotionally intimate connections to a generation of black gay activists and revolutionaries, including Essex Hemphill and Cary Alan Johnson.

In this interview I sat down with Franklin to talk about radical faeries, interracial relationships and what it was like being a pro-feminist before it was even mildy popular. As expected, his answers reflected the magic and wonder that he is. Enjoy!


Original Interview with Franklin Abbott on The Good Men Project


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