The Fairy Buddha of Pasadena

The Fairy Buddha of Pasadena

for Yolo Akili on his 28th Birthday

the Fairy Buddha of Pasadena
isn’t a big fella, he smiles a golden smile
he could look out the window
if he opened his eyes
his old friend Yolo is sitting on a stone bench
in the garden under the umbrella
of a princess tree
watching the purple flowers falling down
floating on a gentle California morning breeze
smiling too at the few who come and go

the Fairy Buddha has wings
but he doesn’t fly away
wears a crown but has no queen
no court, no means of support
a long time has passed
since a pilgrim pressed
gold foil offerings into his eyes or nose
or folded hands
he sits in the little museum
passed by by an occasional lost tourist or two
or a gaggle of school children out on a field trip
once in awhile he is dusted lovingly
by an elderly Asian docent
who thinks she hears him humming

he smiles as he dreams
his fairy buddha dreams
he smiles as once in awhile
a camera flashes on his faded golden patches
while his old friend Yolo
sits under the umbrella
of the princess tree
watching purple blossoms
floating down
she after he after she
on a gentle
afternoon breeze

Franklin Abbott
14 October 2009
Stone Mountain


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