Meditation Rock

Meditation Rock

returning I went there first
I went there last
first for the view
last for the memory
the old stones
already understand
every goodbye
flecks of mica
veins of quartz
reflect every sunrise
moonrise, meteor shower
and my eyes
sees for miles and miles
the rolling green
under the bellies
of hanging mists
about to rain

in this place
of fern and moss
and lichen
a few asters
are still blooming
while Autumn
creeps crimson
topaz and pumpkin
into vine leaf
that winds around
and winds around
and winds around
the memory
and the view

Franklin Abbott
17 November 2009
Stone Mountain

The poem is written about Meditation Rock, a vista point,
at The Mountain Retreat Center on Little Scaly Mountain
in the Southern Appalachians near Highlands, North Carolina.
It had been over a decade since my last visit to the center
and I was intent on spending time on Meditation Rock.
My dear friend and Gay Spirit pioneer, Raven Wolfdancer’s
ashes had been dispersed there.  I wondered would I feel
his presence and I did, not as Raven but as Presence.
The attached photos are ones I took from that visit.




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