At Last The Taj Mahal

At Last The Taj Mahal

I know it sounds selfish
but for me the story
of the grief besotted emperor
who took all the treasureindia-utah-07-128
and built this memorial
to the beautiful wife who
died giving birth to his 17th child
was the subtext to my agenda:
since I was a boy
with my nose in a book
and my eye on a map
I have always wanted
to be here

here there is
a difference
between frisking and
touching and
I am
touched pleasantly
by military security
as I enter
through a massive
sandstone gate onto
a platform
putting me
on eye level
and I can see
it all
outward tilting
and an ivory dome
made perfect
for a broken
human heart

Franklin Abbott
24 June 2007
Stone Mountain

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