Interview: Paul Nguyen, Art Works explores LGBT Homelessness

Nguyen, who has a double major in music composition and neuroscience, founded Art Works, a group of Emory students and alumni, who work to convert stories into art. Art Works’ first project explores the role of collaborative art on the self-empowerment of LGBTQ youth in an Atlanta homeless shelter. Nguyen’s team includes writers Adna Jaganjac and Gaby Arifin; musicians Dan Martin and Erin Baker, steppers from Emory’s Ngambica step group, Ayana Bohanan and Kaela Kuitchuoua; and a filmmaker, Bria Goeller. Together they collaborate with homeless youth to help them tell their story. The identities of their clients are anonymous and the story is told in silhouettes, with hands, feet, rhythm and voices. Nguyen wanted to create something tangible, a keepsake, for the clients and volunteers to take away. A short film was made to share at the Break-the-Cycle Conference.

Interview with Paul Nguyen on Atlanta INtown


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