The Ten Minute Muse – a meditation on creativity

Welcome to TenMinuteMuse, a blog about the creative process.  You will find lots of information about creativity here including interviews, essays, poems and videos.  It is my hope that these resources can be tools for your own inspiration and creativity.  We are all creative though in lots of different ways and we all have gifts though at times they may be hard to find or use.  Courage is essential to the creative process.  Making something new is always taking a risk.  While courage is something that must come from within encouragement is something we can receive from others.  Hopefully you will find lots of encouragement on the blog.  In addition I work with individuals and groups who want to explore the creative process both online and in person.  Perhaps there is a project that you have gotten stalled on or one you need a little nudge to begin.  Your project could be in the fine arts like painting, writing, music or filmmaking.  It could also be in redesigning your day to day life, your organization or your business.  Please feel free to contact me for more information on how I can be helpful and what the costs might be.  Please feel free to leave comments when something new is posted.  Thanks so much for stopping by.
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The Ten Minute Muse – a meditation on creativity
Here’s a short meditation you might find helpful in stirring up your Muse!

First.  Turn off everything.  Your phone, your tablet, your computer, your television, the radio.  Anything that flashes or vibrates or squeaks or beeps.  Get a good ten to twenty feet away from these things.  Maybe in another room.

Clap your hands, ring a bell or simply hum.  Take three deep breaths breathing in to the count of three, holding for three, breathing out for three and pausing for three before breathing in again.

Allow silence to fall all around you and well up inside you.  You can say you are meditating but let go of any reason to meditate.  You can say you are praying but turn off your requests and give spirit a chance to respond.  Let silence be delicious and palpable.  Breathe it in and feel yourself filling up with an energy you can almost feel, almost hear, almost taste, almost smell, almost see.

Smile even if you are afraid to.  Put both hands over your heart, breathe deeply and fully and let your breath feed your smile.  Anticipate.  Your best friend, the love of your life, your beloved teacher, your dear disciple . . . someone is coming for a visit.

Set the table.  In your imagination or in a real invitation.  What would you share with your dearest?  Tea and chocolate.  Bread and wine.  Flowers and incense.  Fruit and nuts.  Water and a burning candle.  How do you welcome and invite and honor?

Clap your hands, ring a bell or simply hum.  Take three deep breaths breathing in to the count of three, holding for three, breathing out for three and pausing for three before breathing in again.

Close your eyes and open yourself in welcome.  Do you hug or bow, do you speak or just look into the eyes of the one you welcome?  Do you invite with words or gestures?  Do you sit side by side or across the table?  Do you offer a chalice or a tea cup or a glass?  Do you serve food or is the fire of the candle or the smoke of incense a more suitable offering?

Once you have opened your home, opened your arms, opened your heart.  Once you have offered your guest the best of what you are be humble, sit, breathe, wait.

In a century that becomes a decade that becomes a year that becomes a month that becomes a day that becomes an hour that becomes a minute that becomes a second your Muse will whisper something that goes into your ear and down to your core, Something that you could not have understood a second before, something you know to be true about you, about life, about now and forever more.

Hold this gift like a newborn babe, hold this gift like a new found lover,  hold this gift like a dying elder, hold this gift, hold this gift, hold this gift.

Now take up your brush, your zither, your chisel, your quill and do what you must.  You must do what you must.  Do what you must.   Do what you must.


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